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Minor Forest Produce

Minor Forest Produce (MFP) is all non-timber forest produce of plant origin and includes bamboo, brushwood, stumps, canes, Tusser, cocoon, honey, waxes, Lac, tendu/kendu leaves, medicinal plants and herbs, roots, tuber and the like.

Bamboo is extracted departmentally from the coupes on a 3 year cycle and it is transported to Govt. Depots and sold in public auctions after giving wide publicity.

Majority of the MFP is leased out by the department to Girijan Cooperative Corporation for collection and sale on payment of royalty to the department. The following are the MFP items leased out to the Girijan Cooperative Corporation:

S.No. Name of the Commodity
1 Adda leaf
2 Hill brooms
3 Wild brooms
4 Sheekakai
5 Amla fruit and seed
6 Cleaning nuts
7 Chiranji
8 Rock bee honey
9 Apiary honey
10 Kusum oil seed
11 Myrobalans
12 Mohwa seed
13 Mohwa flower
14 Marking nuts
15 Nuxvomica fruit and seed
16 Rungam fruit and seed
17 Rauwolfia serpantina roots
18 Soap nuts
19 Honey wax
20 Gum karaya, Gum tiruman, other gums
21 Tamarind shell, seeded, deseeded, green
22 Teripods
23 Maredugaddalu
24 Sugandhipala

A.P.Forest Department