A.P.Forest Department


Departmental extraction of timber

Major Forest Produce:

Andhra Pradesh state the major Forest produce available from the forests are as follows:

Continuous with the Wildlife Sanctuary, an area of 107.73 ha was declared as Eco-Park in 2003 in Kambalaknda RF.

  • a. Timber :
  • b. Firewood:

There is a complete ban on felling of trees in the forests except in the plantations raised by the department. The trees in the plantations could be felled only on the completion of the prescribed rotation period of such plantations. However there is no ban to extract the wind fallen trees either in the plantations or in the forest areas. When the plantations are harvested, timber and firewood is obtained from these areas which are sold in public auction. Generally the timber is transported to a centrally located Govt. Depot and sold in open auction after classification and fixing an upset price.

The plantations raised in the department include : Teak, Eucalyptus, Acacia auriculiformis, Casuarina etc. After felling the timber is transported departmentally to the Govt. Timber Depots and sold in public auction after giving wide publicity. However the firewood obtained in the plantations is stacked in the coupe sites and are sold in public auction. The stump wood obtained from the Casuarina plantations is also sold in the coupe site itself.

S.No Name of the Species 2018-19 Quantity 2019-20 Quantity
1 Teak (Cum.) 1,741.44 794
2 Non-Teak (Cum.). 164.00. 1616
  Timber Total 1,905.44 2411
3 Casuarina (Cum.) - -
4 Non-Teak (Cum.) - -
5 Teak (Cum.) - -
6 Eucalyptus (Cum.) 30 -
7 UDOR Fuel 59 -
8 Aauriculiformis - -
9 Misc. Fire Wood - 23
  Fuel Total (Cum.) 89 23
10 Teak (no.) - -
11 Non-Teak (no.) 14 -
12 Casuarina (no.) - -
13 Eucalyptus (no.) - -
14 AA Formis (no.) 35 -
15 Non-Teak (Ballas) 42 -
  Poles Total (no.) 91 -
16 Long Bamboo (no.) 2,20,10,125.00 21,24,279.00
17 Bamboo Industrial Cuts (no.) - -
  Bamboo Total (no.) 2,20,10,125.00 21,24,279.00

A.P.Forest Department