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A community based ecotourism was developed at Talakona, in Chamala Range of Wildlife Management Division, Tirupati. The objective of the Eco-tourism is to inspire, inform and enable the communities to turn eco-friendly system and get into a sustainable source of livelihood and create awareness to through well managed eco-tourism. The tourism center is abutting the famous Siddeswara Swamy temple which attracts lakhs of people from all over southern India. The tourism center is developed to get the benefits of these visitors and educate them on the importance of forest and wildlife.

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Available Rooms

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1800 / Room

Log Hut 3 and 4

Max Guests: 2 persons

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2000 / Room

Log Hut 5 and 6

Max Guests: 2 persons

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5000 / Room

Dormitories 1 and 2

Max Guests: 2 persons