S.No. Details Date Download File Size
2 Vehicle sale in Kurnool Division. 19.06.2018 (2.74MB)
3 Exhibition of Sale of confiscated vehicles in Chintur Forest Division. 14.06.2018 (3.48MB)
4 Sale of confiscated vehicles in Chintur Forest Division. 11.06.2018 (1.13MB)
5 list of vehicles tender cum auction notice in Chittoor East (WL) Division. 24.05.2018 (6.50MB)
6 List of fully confiscated vehicles of Chittoor West Division 23.05.2018 (1.43MB)
7 Ananthapuramu circle month of special development package shceme 21.05.2018 (0.67MB)
8 Display of Tender cum Auction of Seized vehicles of Flyin squad, Piler 21.05.2018 (4.99MB)
9 List of confiscated vehicle in various forest offences of Proddatur (WL) Division 21.05.2018 (6.92MB)
10 List of fully confiscated vehicles , Rajampet 21.05.2018 (10.00MB)
11 Procurement of cartosat images - EG dist - Rampachodavaram division 21.05.2018 (0.96MB)
12 list to be confiscated vehicles in various Forest Offences of Rajampet 21.05.2018 (7.08MB)
13 Quotation called for procurement of Computers, APSFA, Rajamahendravaram 15.03.2018 (1.08MB)
14 Quotations called for procurement of Laptops and Scanners, O/o PCCF A.P., GUNTUR. 15.02.2018 (114KB)
15 Tender Document for Integrated AMC of IT related Hardware, Software, Appliances and Peripherals at Aranya Bhawan, O/o PCCF A.P., GUNTUR. 25.07.2017 (7.34MB)
16 Request for Expression of interest for Procurement of Biodegradable bags for raising nurseries under APDRP scheme. 10.03.2017 (5.63MB)
17 Tender Document for Selection of Service provider for Conducting Wood Balance Study for the State of Andhra Pradesh 08.02.2017 (1.42MB)