Activity Details
Neeru Chettu

Nursery Management

Harvesting structure Management

Plantation Management

Working Plans

Preparation of Working Plans

Implementation and Monitoring of Working Plans

Forest Protection

Forest Fires

Forest Offences under:

Indian Forest Act, 1927

Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

Land Management

Diversion for non-forestry purposes like mining, irrigation, hydroelectric projects, encroachments for agriculture etc

Manage forest land

Oversee diversion of forest land for non-forestry purposes

Settlement of land disputes

Settlement of encroachments

Maintenance and upkeep of forest boundaries



Fuel wood




National Parks and Sanctuaries

Protected Area Network

Wild-life Conservation

Eco development


Tree improvement programmes

Production of superior quality of seed of forestry species

Development of seed production areas

Seedling and clonal seed orchards. Conducting applied research in the field of forestry.

Germplasm collection, sustainable use and conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Development and implementation of tissue culture techniques.

Development of practical, cost-saving techniques of reclamation of mined out areas.