Zoo Authority of Andhra Prades




FORESTS – Wildlife – Constitution of Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 for all the Zoos and Parks in the State of Andhra Pradesh – Orders – Issued.



G.O. Ms. No. 105 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dated: 10-10-2005

Read the following

  1. From Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Letter Rc. No. 4935/2004/WL-2, Dt: 03-04-2005.
  2. Govt. Memo. No. 3788/For.II. 1/05-2, Dt: 30-05-2005.
  3. From Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Letter Rc. No. 4935/2004/WL-2, Dt: 15-06-2005 and 28-09-2005.


In the letter 1 st read above, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has brought to the notice of the Government, the following difficulties are being faced by all the Zoos and Parks in the State:-

  • The zoo security personnel engaged on contract basis have to be dispensed with, as the department will not be able to pay the contract amount in time every month.
  • All the personnel engaged on contract basis for maintenance activities will have to wait for payments every month and may create uproar for delayed payments, which will in turn affect zoo administration.
  • Because of inadequate allotment of plan budget, the water and electricity charges could not be paid and there is a danger of the services being disconnected by Hyderabad Metro Water Supply & Sewerage Board / Andhra Pradesh Transco.
  • The emergency upkeep to animal cages, enclosures repair, and veterinary care are bound to suffer in the newly prescribed procedure.

2. In the reference 2 nd read above, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad was requested to send necessary proposals for constitution of an Authority for all the Zoos and Parks so as to have flexibility of operation. In the reference 3 rd read above, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has furnished the proposals for constitution of Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh for all the Zoos and Parks in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

3. Government, after careful consideration, decided to constitute Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh for all the Zoos and Parks in the State and direct, the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh be constituted under the “A.P. Societies Registration Act, 2001” for better management of all the Zoos and Parks in the State and also for expeditious utilization of the funds released by the Central Zoo Authority as well as State Government.

4. Government further, hereby accords permissions as required under section 6 (2) (b) of the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 to use the name of the State, Andhra Pradesh in the name of the Society to be registered with the name “The Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh”.

5. The Memorandum of Association of the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh and Bye-Laws of the Society are appended to this order.

6. The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) & Chief Wildlife Warden, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is directed to take necessary action on registration of the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh under the provisions of A.P. Societies Registration Act, 2001.

7. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 7225/255/A2/Expr. M&F/05, Dt: 25-07-05 and Revenue (Regn, Mandals) Department vide their U.O. No. 42989/R&M/05, Dt: 15-09-05.






The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (WL) & Chief Wildlife Warden,

Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (WL), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Conservator of Forests (WL) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Director General, Stamps & Registration, Andhra Pradesh, Nampally, Hyderabad.

Copy To:

The Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

The Pay & Accounts Officer, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Member-Secretary, CZA, Bikaner House, Annex VI, Shahjehan Road, New Delhi-11.

The Revenue (R&M) Department.

The PS to Hon’ble Minister (EFS&T).

The PS to Principal Secretary to Government., EFS&T Department.


Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh

( A Society Under Government of Andhra Pradesh)







Memorandum of Association


1. Name of the Society: The name of the society shall be “The Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh”

2. Registered Office: The registered office of the society viz., Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh shall be situated at {O/o Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests, AP APHB Building, Tuljaguda Complex, M.J Road, Hyderabad.}. The working hours of the Society’s Office shall be from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Except on Sunday and other General Holidays.

3. The objectives for which the society is established are:

    • To provide for proper development and maintain the recognized Government Zoos in the State of Andhra Pradesh, so as to make them modern and model Zoological parks.
    • To breed and rear the endangered species of the fauna of India and the world with the object of saving them from extinction and of restocking other Zoos and eventually to enrich the depleted fauna.
    • To spread the message of Wildlife conservation to the visitors, students and common public in the zoo and out side the zoo through proper conservation education programme in the zoos and out side the Zoos.(Zoo out reach programme)
    • To under take the research on conservation breeding of endangered species (including artificial insemination etc), the behavior of animals and birds in their natural surroundings as well as in captivity.
    • To procure such animals as are required for the zoos in the state of Andhra Pradesh by purchase or exchange, from other states in India or from abroad.
    • To disseminate the knowledge and information about our wildlife by publication of bulletins and journals etc.,

4. With a view to facilitate the society’s activities for achieving its objectives, the society may

    • Implement the development plans and schemes as well as maintenance works approved by Central/State/Central Zoo Authority/Governing Board in the Zoological Parks & Zoos of Andhra Pradesh.
    • Pay out of the funds belonging to the society or out of any particular part of such fund, all expenses that are incidental to the formation of the society and management and administration of the society.
    • Subscribe for otherwise assist any charitable, benevolent, scientific, national, public or any other institution, the objects or purposes of which are consistent with or which promote the objectives of the society.
    • Make donations to such persons or institutions and in such cases, whether of cash or any other assets, as may be, that are directly or indirectly conducive to any of the societies objects, or otherwise expedient and in particular to remunerate any person or corporation introducing or assisting the society.
    • Provide for the welfare of the employees and to make payments towards insurance or towards treatment for the injuries sustained during the working hours in the Zoo.
    • Invest in, construct and equip laboratories to conduct research and experiments on animal health and behavior.
    • Receive donations from persons/ institutions either in India or abroad in cash or kind which directly or indirectly, conducive to any of the society’s objects or otherwise expedient;
    • Do all such acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or are directly or indirectly beneficial to the society in the promotion of its objects, subjects, subject to the overall control of the government {and conformity with section 3 of the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1960.}
    • Establish, maintain, subscribe or subsidize or become member of training institutions, research laboratories, research institutions for scientific and technical research and experiments.
    • Employ such staff as may be found necessary for the efficient handling and conduct of the society.
    • Make advances upon or for the purchase of materials, goods, machinery, stores and other articles for the society.
    • Let on hire all or any of the properties of the society including apparatus and appliances.
    • Open accounts with any nationalized or scheduled bank or banks and to pay into and to withdraw moneys from such account or accounts.
    • Improve, mange, work, develop, alter, exchange, lease, mortgage turn to accounts, abandon or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property, rights and concessions of the society.

5. It is expressly declared that any income or profit received by the society shall be applied solely for promoting the objects of the society as set forth in this memorandum and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of salary, dividend, bonus, income or profit to any of the members of the society provided nothing herein contained shall apply to payment of reasonable incidental expenses to such members.

6. The Member Secretary of the Society will be the Addl. Prl. CCF(WL) / CCF(WL)


The Governing Board of the Society will consist of the following members, namely;


The Prl. Secretary to Government E.F.S &T Department, AP



The Prl. Secretary to Government Finance Department, AP(or) Representative



The Prl. Secretary to Government Municipal Administration, AP(or) Representative



Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests, AP



Dean, Veterinary Science, Veterinary University



Commissioner/Director, Tourism Dept



Vice Chancellor, Osmania University



Chief Wildlife Warden, A.P.



Addl. Prl. CCF(WL) / CCF(WL)

Member Secretary


8. Finance Committee

The finance committee will assist the Society in approving the estimates, procurement, execution of works etc as per the AP Financial code, Forest code and government orders issued from time to time. The following are the members of the committee.

      • Chief Wildlife Warden, Andhra Pradesh
      • Representative of the Prl. Secretary to Government, Finance Department, AP
      • Addl. Prl. CCF(WL) / CCF(WL)




i) Name of the Society : ------------------ Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh

ii) Address : ----------------------------- Office of the Addl. Prl. CCF(WL) / CCF(WL) O/o Prl. Chief --------------------------------------------------- Conservator of Forests, AP Tuljaguda Complex, M.J Road, Hyderabad

iii) Date of Starting : --------------------- ……………………….

iv) Area of the Society : ----------------- Whole of Andhra Pradesh

v) Working Hours : --------------------- 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM except on Sunday and Government holidays


1.Short Title : These Bye-laws shall be called “the Bye-laws of the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh”

2.Definitions : In these Bye-laws and Memorandum of Association, unless the context otherwise requires:-

        • Society means “ The Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh”
        • “The Government” means the Government of Andhra Pradesh
        • “The Chairman” means the Chairman of the Society.
        • “The Governing Board” means the body entrusted under these rules with the administration and management of the affairs of the society.
        • “Member” means the member of the Society.
        • “Year” means the period of 1 st April to 31 st March as resolved by the Governing Board with the previous sanction of the Registrar.
        • “The “Member Secretary” means the officer of the rank of Addl. Prl. CCF / {or the CCF} appointed by the Government, as Member Secretary to Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh who is entrusted with the overall administration of the society.
        • “Finance Committee” means Finance committee of the Society
        • “Zoo” means any government zoo under the control of the Forest department.
        • “Act” means “The Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act,……
    3. Rights, Powers and Duties of the Governing Board
    • The Governing Board shall have all such powers and shall perform all such functions as are necessary or proper for the achievements and furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
    • The Governing Board shall approve the details, plans and proposals for the development of the Zoological parks (namely; Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad, Indira Gandhi Zoological park, Visakhapatnam, Sri Venkateswara Zoological park, Tirupati) from the funds allotted by the Central Zoo Authority, Government of India, proceeds realized from entrée fee, rentals, leases, animal adoption Schemes and any other income derived by the Zoological parks. These funds will be directly utilized by the Zoo Authority of A.P after approval of the Governing Board. However, in respect of Central Zoo Authority Schemes, further approval of Government will not be necessary if the schemes are specific in nature and are 100% CZA funded. In the case of maintenance and Schemes using entry fee funds the administrative approval of the Government for the budget for utilisation of the funds will be necessary but the Zoo Authority will be authorized to operate the budget, pending approval from Government.
    • The grants made by the Government for any specific Scheme to be implemented by the Zoo Authority of A.P, under the State Plan Schemes through a Government Order can be utilized directly by the Zoo Authority of A.P as per the terms of the Government Order.
    • The Governing Board is empowered to receive grants in aid, other grant of money, gifts, donations and contributions in kind, other forms of assistance form sources in India or abroad and from the Central Zoo Authority, GOI, State Government and to collect entry fee and any other income derived by the Zoological parks.
    • In the event of inadequacy of the financial resources available for the maintenance and development of the Zoological parks, it will be brought to the notice of the Government for finding out ways and means for enhancing the financial resources.
    • The society shall be a body corporate by the name aforesaid, having perpetual succession and common seal and the said name sue or be sued.
    • The Governing Board may delegate any of its specific rights, powers and duties and assign such functions and responsibilities as are considered necessary in the interest of the Society to the Finance committee or to the Member Secretary or to the concerned Curator/Director under specific resolution.
    • The Governing Board shall reserve for the decision of the Government any proposal which in their opinion is of such importance.
    • The Member Secretary shall be responsible for the management of the whole affairs of the Society subject to control and direction of Governing Board. He shall be assisted by the Curator/Directors of three Zoological parks.
    • Governing Board is empowered to procure, or exchange animals, birds and reptiles required for it’s Zoos and parks from other Zoos in India and abroad and to finalise the terms & conditions there of and to capture wild animals with permission of Chief Wildlife Warden, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
    • To negotiate, enter into and execute agreements, Contracts and documents on behalf of the Society and vary and rescind such agreements, contracts and documents.
    • To approve the annual, revised or supplementary budget estimates, annual Report of the Society together with the annual accounts of income and expenditure of the society.
    • To appoint such advisory bodies or other special committees for such purpose and such powers as the Governing Board may decide and also to dissolve any of the committees and Advisory Bodies so set up.
    • To make Rules not inconsistent with the bye-laws for more efficient disposal of the business and activities of the society for securing co-ordination in the working of the various committees and other bodies, regulating the procedures and other matters incidental thereto and to alter or amend the same from time to time.
    • Governing Board may increase, decrease or modify the entrance fee of all or any one of the Zoos or Safaries, NAH, Guest Houses, Toy Train, Elephant, video, camera, parking fee etc. or fixing separate entrance fee for Indian and foreign visitors or allowing any concession to any person or groups.


  • 4. Meeting of the Governing Board: A meeting of the Governing shall be held at least once in six months at such time and place as the chairman may from time to time determine for the disposal of the business of the Society. Meeting will be called by the Member Secretary on the direction of the Chairman.
  • 5. Special Meetings: The Chairman of the Society may convene special meetings of the governing Board to consider any matter of special importance or urgency.
  • 6. Notice of the Meetings: Every meeting of the Governing Board shall be convened by the Member secretary by issue of due notice as required in the provisions of the Act.
  • 7. Quorum: One third of the members of the Governing Board including the Chairman present in person shall constitute the quorum for nay meeting of the Governing Board and to pass any special resolutions.
  • 8. Presiding Officer: the chairman of the society shall preside at all the meetings of the Governing Board.
  • 9. Voting: In case of difference of the pinion amongst the members on any matter under discussion in a meeting the opinion of the majority present shall prevail when there is tie, the chairman shall have a casting vote.
  • 10. Powers, Rights and Duties of the Finance committee :
    • The Member Secretary, who is in the cadre of Addl. Prl. CCF / CCF is delegated with powers for approving estimates and tenders up to any value. The Member Secretary will get the approval of the Finance committee and the Authority for the works costing above Rs.50.00 Lakhs.
    • The Finance committee shall meet whenever required for the purpose of the business of the society.
  • 11. Accounts of the Society: The funds of the society shall be deposited in one or more accounts opened with a Nationalised Bank. The Bank Account of the Society will be operated and maintained by the concerned Curator/Director of the Zoo.
  • 12. Financial year: The accounting year for the Society will be from the 1 st April to the 31 st March. The annual income and expenditure accounts and balance sheet of the Society shall be prepared by the concerned Curator/Director and through Member Secretary it will be presented to the Governing Board within five months of the closing of the accounting year.
  • 13. Audit: The annual accounts of the society shall be audited by the Internal Audit party of the A.P Forest Department and Accountant General, AP. The Audit party shall have access to the books of accounts and vouchers of the society and shall be provided with all information and explanations required by them for the purpose of the Audit.
  • 14. Legal proceedings: In all legal proceedings the Society shall be represented by it’s Member Secretary. In turn, for each Zoological park, he will be represented by the concerned Curator/ director.
  • 15. Zoo Advisory Committees: In order to have local participation there shall be an Advisory Committee for each of the recognized zoos of Andhra Pradesh. The Advisory committees for each of Zoological Parks have already been formed by the government vide G.O Rt No. 27 EFS & T ( For . II) Dept. Dt. 27-1-2005.

The Zoo Advisory Committee shall advice the Zoo Management on issues relating to upkeep, maintenance and enhancement of resources, Health Care of animals, Gardening, plant Diversity, Controlled Breeding of Animal, Population Control Measures, and Security of the Zoo. It shall meet at least twice a year and shall forward the recommendations to the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh for further action.

  • 16. Amendment to the Memorandum: Any amendment to the Memorandum or bye-laws will be carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down under the Act.
  • 17. Dissolving of the Society: Under section 25 of the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2001, the properties of the Society remaining at the time of dissolution, yet to be given to a society of similar objects.
  • 18. Application of the Act: all the provisions of the Act shall apply to this society, except from those it has been exempted.
  • 19. Essential Certificate : “Certified that this is the correct copy of the bye laws of the Society”
  • 20. The income and funds of the society shall be solely utilized towards the objectives of the Society and no portion of it shall be utilized for payment to the Members of the Governing Board or financial committee by way of profit, interest, and dividend or in any other form except remuneration, if any allowed by the Government.