Sri Venkateswara National Park


Named after Lord Venkateswara, the presiding deity of Tirumala, is the beautiful S.V. Sanctuary & National Park, which have rich biodiversity. The habitat supports rare and endangered animals and plants, a few of them endemic to this region. The entire core area of the Sanctuary is declared as National Park duly enhancing the conservation status of the populations.

The Sanctuary is a wonderful abode for rare and endangered floral and faunal species which are endemic only to Seshachalam hills in the whole world.

Indicator Species:
Cycas beddomei, Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sanders), Slender loris, Golden gecko.

Legal Status:The total area of Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is 525.97 sq kms and it is declared as Sanctuary on 02-09-1985. Out of this, an area of 353.62 sq kms is declared as Sri Venkateswara National Park on 16-10-1989.

Forest Type:
Southern tropical dry deciduous forests, Dry Red sanders bearing forests and Southern dry mixed deciduous forests.

Mean annual: 25.22° C; Max: 43oC; Min: 14° C

This serene forest is brimming with a rich in faunal diversity like Cycas beddomei, the living fossil is endemic to this region, Shorea robusta, Santalum album, Red sanders, Sterculia urens, East Indian cork screw tree, Ficus religiosa, etc.

The health of any ecosystem depends on all the componets viz; biotic as well as abiotic. Apart from plants, invertebrates too play a very crucial role in balancing the ecological web in nature. Insects like Preying mantis, Painted grasshopper, Click beetle, Silk cotton bug, etc; play a crucial role in maintaining a proper balance in the food chain. The forest is also rich in other lower invertebrates like arachnids, molluscs, etc. Amphibians that control the insects are represented by Tree frog, Bull frog, etc. Reptiles diversity is represented by the rare, endemic and the endangered Golden gecko, Monitor lizard, Russell’s viper, etc. Birds like Grey hornbill, Crested serpent eagle, Black headed oriole, Pied kingfisher, etc. make this – a harmonious place in the abode of Lord Tirumala. Apart from Slender Loris, the Sanctuary is also a home to mammals like Leopard, Sloth bear, Mouse deer, Giant squirrels, Four horned antelope, etc.

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