Sri Penusila Narasimhaswamy Wildlife Sanctuary


Named after the presiding deity Peninsula Narasimha Swamy, placed between the two important hill passes viz; Badvel - Nellore road and Kadapa - Rajampet road is this Sanctuary. The velligonda hill range of lush green luxuriant forests interrupted with hillocks of igneous rocks, is a paradise for the rich and variegated life forms of animals and plants. The scenic beauty of the Sanctuary is breath-taking. The Sanctuary is connected by two water bodies viz; Somasila and Kandaleru.

The rich, virgin habitat of the Sanctuary harbours unexplored biodiversity.

Indicator Species: Cycas beddomei, Leopard, Brown flying squirrel.

Legal Status: 15-09-1997.

Forest Type:
Most of the Sanctuary is having hilly terrain with plateaus, ridges, gorges and deep valleys supporting dry deciduous forest, grasses, dry throny forest, and dry evergreen forest.

Summer - 45° C; Winter up to 9° C

One can find here outstandingly magnificent, grooves of massive old trees of Mangifera indica (Mango) and Syzygium cumini (Neredu) that form a heavy dense canopy in the forest. Mahua, Pterocarpus marsupium, Gloriosa superba, Cochlospermum religiosum (Yellow silk cotton), Cycas beddomie, Red sanders, etc; are a few examples of the floral species that the forest nurtures.

The faunal diversity is amazing with a rich bio-network of various species of vertebrates and invertebrates. Invertebrates like insects, spiders, molluscs, etc. that play a vital role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem, are in abundance. Marbled frog, Burrowing frog, Common toad, etc; are a few of the striking species of amphibians seen here. Reptilian fauna is represented with the graceful Common brown vine snake, Common krait, Starred tortoise, etc. The forest also inhabits a vibrant bird life with both resident as well as migratory birds like the endangered Indian long-billed vulture, the ace fisherman-Pied kingfisher, the monsoon indicator-Pied crested cuckoo, Open billed stork, Black winged stilt, White bellied drongo, etc. Leopard, Wild dog, Wolf, Sloth bear, Chinkara, Black duck, Slender loris, Giant Indian squirrel, Brown flying squirrel, etc; are some of the inhabitant mammalian fauna.

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