Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordiante Establishment Rules


[ G.O. Ms. No. 1518. F & Ag. (Forest III), dated : 19-08-1969 ]

In exercixe of the powers conferred by the Proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following Ad-hoc Rules.

Rule 1. Short title :- These rules may be called the Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Establishment Rules.

Rule 2. Constitution :- The service shall consist of the following classes all categories namely :-

Class I
Class II
Class III
Category -1 - Reserve Watchers Category - 1 - Reserve Watchers Category - 1 - Bellow Boy
Category - 2 - Plantation Watchers Category - 2 - Plantation Watchers Category - 2 - Launch Syrang
Category - 3 - Permit Clerks Category - 3 - Tanadars Category - 3 - Launch Kalasi
Category - 4 - Maistries Category - 4 - Sandalwood Depot Watchers Category - 4 - Boat Syrang
Category - 5 - Assistant Checking Officer Category - 5 - Depot Watchers Category - 5 - Malis
Category - 6 - Game Watchers
Category - 7 - Fire Watchers
Category - 8 - Bungalow Watchers

Rule 3. Method of Appointment :- (a) Appointment to the post shall be made by direct recruitment. There shall however, be no further recruitment to the posts in Class I. the holders of the posts can be transferred from one category to another within each class. Holders of posts in Class III can be transferred to posts in Class II in the exigencies of service, if they possess the qualifications prescribed for the posts. In recruiting candidates for appointment, preference shall be given to the following persons in the order of preference indicated hereunder :

  1. (i) Ex-Servicemen;
  2. (ii) Members belonging to Forest Tribes;
  3. (iii) Members belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes;
  4. (iv) Members belonging to Backward Classes; and
  5. (v) Others.

[ As Amended in G.O. Ms. No. 667, F & R.D., dated : 12-09-1975 ]

Explanation :- In these rules, Forest Tribes means the Forest Tribes specified in Annexure I, to the Special Rules for the Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Service.

(b) Notwithstanding anything contained in the rule of Special Representation (General Rule 22) in recruitment of candidates for appointment in the Notified Scheduled Areas 50% of the vacancies earmarked for direct recruitment of posts of Forest Watchers shall be reserved for the local Tribals, preference always being given to genuine native resident Tribals provided that they possess minimum educational qualifications prescribed in these rules;

Provided if Tribal candidate is not available in the notified Scheduled areas, the vacancy shall be filled purely on a temporary basis subject to replacement with the local tribal as and when he becomes available.

[ G. O. Ms. No. 222. F & R.D. (IV) dated : 01-05-1985 ]

Rule 4. Qualification :- (a) No person shall be eligible for appointment to any of the categories in Class II, unless hea has passed the 6th Class from a recognised School ;

Provided that this qualification shall not be required in respect of candicates belonging to the Forest Tribes, but they must be able to read and write the language or one of the languages of the districts in which appointment is to be made.

(b) No person shall be eligible for appointment to any of the posts in Class III, unless the possesses the ability to read and write the language, or one of the languages of the district in which the appointment is to be made.

Explanation :- The language or languages of the district referred to above shall be the language or languages specified in the Annexure to the Andhra Pradesh last Grade Service Rules.

Rule 5. Special Qualification :- No person shall be eligible for appointment to the service; unless the satisfies the appointing authority that he is of sound health, active habits and is free from any bodily defect or infirmity, unfitting him from the service, and no person shall be eligible for appointment to the categories in Class II unless be possesses the following Physical standards;

  1. Height 1. Must be not less that 163 cms.
  2. Chest 2. Must be not less than 84 cms. Round. the chest on full expansion ; and
  3. Must have a chest expansion of not less than 5 cms, on full respiration.

[ Amended in G.O. Ms. No. 1412, F & A., dated : 04-07-1970 ]

The qualifications prescribed in item 1 ; shall not be required in respect of candidates belonging to the Forest Tribes.

Rule 6. Appointing Authority :- The Forest Utilisation officer, State Silviculturist Working Plan Officer, the Divisional Forest Officer, concerned or any other Officer in-charge of the Division as the case may be, shall be the appointing authority for the posts in the several classes and categories specified in Rule 2.

Rule 7. Posting and Transfers :- Postings and Transfers of members of the service shall be made ;

  1. From one circle to another by the Chief Conservator of Forests;
  2. From one Division to another within a circle, by the Conservator of Forests concerned ; and
  3. Within a division by the appointing authority in charge of that division.

Rule 8. Age :- No person shall be eligible for appointment to the service by direct recruitment unless the satisfies the appointing authority that he has attained the age of 18 years and has not completed the age of 25 years on the date the selection is made.

Rule 9. Service in a category in different circles of divisions of offices to count for seniority :- Service rendered in a category in a circle, divisions of office shall count for seniority in another category in the same class, whether in the same or another circle, division of office.

Rule 10. Probation :- Every person appointed to a class shall be on probation for a total period of two years on duty within a continuous period of three years.

Rule 11. Nothing contained in these rules shall adversely affect the regulation of the service of the incumbents appointed on temporary basis prior to the issue of these rules.