Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary


Kolleru is the largest fresh water lake in the Country, located between the deltas of Krishna and Godavari rivers. Kolleru serves as a natural food-balancing reservoir between the two rivers. The lake is fed directly by the seasonal Budameru and Tammileru rivers and is connected to the Krishna and Godavari systems by 67 inflowing drain and channels. It is an important water fowl habitat and a reservoir of fish with an average production of 7,000 metric tones per year. Aquaculture to is practiced here.

The largest fresh water lake in the country. It is one of the Ramsar conservation sites- a paradise for Water birds in the country.

Indicator Species:
Grey pelican

Legal Status:25-09-1995

Forest Type:
A wetland marsh habitat, consisting of aquatic weeds and certain tree species.

It has a tropical climate. Temp of surface water varies between 24° C - 32° C.

Typical wetland flora like Ipomoea aquatic, Ottelia spp, Typha spp, Acacaia nilotica, Samanea saman, Prosopis juliflora, create a wonderful niche for birds here.

The lake supports a rich biodiversity of resident as well as migratory birds like Glossy ibis, Open billed stork, Purple moorhen, Painted storks, Pied avocet, Marbled teal, Common redshank, etc. It also supports a rich biomass of fish (63 species) and planktons-a major food source for the birds.

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