Kaundinya Bird Sanctuary


Kaundinya Elephant Sanctuary is located in Palamner - Kuppam forest ranges of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, on the Andhra Pradesh - Chittoor road. This Sanctuary comes under Project elephant - a Country wide Elephant Conservation Project taken up by Government of India. The Sanctuary also has many places of attraction around it.

The only home for Asiatic elephants in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Indicator Species: Asiatic Elephant.

Legal Status: 18-12-1990.

Forest Type:
Southern tropical dry deciduous forest, with patches of thorn, scrub and grassy plains.

Summer - 45° C; Winter up to 9° C

Plants like Albizzia amara, Ficus glomerata, Zizyphus xylocarpus, Gymnosporia Montana, etc; make this a green panoramic place with a breathtaking floral diversity.

Insects like Gongylus praying mantis, Painted grasshopper, Plain tiger butterfly, Common grass yellow butterfly, etc; abound this elephant land. Reptiles like Common cobra, Rat snake, Indian rock python, Forest calotes, Skinks, etc; make this place their abode. Birds like Partidges, quails, storks, Cotton teal, etc; make this Sanctuary their domicile. A further balance in the food-web is maintained by mammals like Indian Elephant, Panther, Sloth bear, Wild boar, Chowsingha, Nilgai, Hyena, Jackal, etc.

Design and maintained by A.P. Forest Department IT Wing (MIS)