Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Code - Volume - II


15. Items of Forest Produce generally traded by G.C.C. (Section 52)
16. Rules for the supply and maintenance of Govt. tents supplied to Forest Officers (Section 55)
17. Rules regulating the occupation of Forest Inspection bungalows adn Rest houses (Section 65)
18. Rules relating to the payment of Government dues by money orders (Section 78)
19. Form for petty Contracts (Section 105)
20. Form for Scheduled Contract (Section 105)
21. Form for lumpsum Contract (Section 105)
22. Form of Contract for the collection of Minor Forest produce (Section 105)
23. Instructions regarding the submission and receipt of petitions and other papers of the same class addressed to the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (Section 108)
24. Monthly D.O. Report of C.F. Circle (Section 114)
25. Destruction of records (Section 128)
26. Certificate of transfer of Charge (Section 139)
27. Returns of Accompany the Annual Reports (Section 146)
28. Rules for use and maintenance of Government vehicles (Section 161)
29. Questionnaire to accompany every proposal for sanction of estimate for repairs of vehicles (Section 161)
30. Wild Life - Compensation - Cases - Procedure (Section 163)


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